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Notts Derby Horse Show

Something For Everyone... For All Ages & Abilities

Golden Ticket Finale 19th September – Time Table

In Addition to Normal Show Schedule – Note Golden Class Times take precedence over Normal Classes – Please Ensure you take this into Account if doing normal and Golden Classes. You May still accrue Regular subscribers points in golden classes.

NO SHOW JUMPING 19TH SEPT – We aim to run golden classes as close to time as possible. Note Golden Classes are Pre Bookable Only and Open to all those Champion and Reserves and Wildcards booked within 1 Month of Date of Qualification - £12 Each Once Qualified once in any section all Golden Classes are enterable – NO MM in Classes That Say Horse or Pony, EXCEPT Lead Rein / FR/ Cradle which are mixed Types.

Working Hunter Ring 9am

9am - SC14 – Lead Rein Working Hunter 20cm MM & Non MM

9.30am - SC15 – Cradle / Nursery Working Hunter 40cm MM & Non MM

10am - SC16 – Pony Working Hunter Not Exceeding 14.2hh No MM

10.30am SC17 – M & M Small Breeds Working Hunter 50cm

11am SC18 – M & M Large Breeds Working Hunter 65cm

11.30am SC19 – Horse Working Hunter Exceeding 14.2hh No MM

Golden Flat Ring

12 Noon SC7 – In Hand Pony No MM Not Exc 14.2hh

12.15 SC8 – In Hand Horse No MM Exc 14.2hh

12.30 SC9 – In Hand MM Small Breeds

12.45 SC10 – In Hand MM Large Breeds

1pm SC11 – In Hand Veteran Horse or Pony 15 +

1.15pm SC12 – Young Handlers 16yrs & Under

1.30pm SC13 – Ridden Concours D Elegance

2pm SC1 – Lead Rein Pony MM or Other

2.15pm SC2 – First Ridden Pony MM or Other

2.30pm SC3 – Ridden MM Small Breeds NO Lead Rein

3pm SC4 – Ridden MM Large Breeds

3.30pm SC5 – Ridden Pony Not Exc 14.2hh NO MM

3.45pm SC6 – Ridden Horse Exc 14.2hh NO MM

Golden Supremes

4.05pm Supreme In Hand 1st & 2nd from SC7 – SC12

4.25pm Supreme Ridden 1st & 2nd from SC1 – SC6 + SC13

4.45pm Supreme Working Hunter 1st & 2nd from SC14 – SC19

5pm Supreme Overall Golden Finale – Supreme Champion & Reserve In Hand, Ridden and Working Hunter

Judge for All Golden Classes Mrs H Linfield – Not in the case of Extreme Entries we may Appoint an Additional Judge.

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