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Notts Derby Horse Show

Something For Everyone... For All Ages & Abilities

Golden Ticket Finale Sunday 20th September 2020

Golden Tickets to ALL Champions & Reserves +Wild Cards Where Stated to Others

You then Enter the Most Suited Class for the Section Qualified in. Please Check with Emma.

More Finale Classes in 2020 than ever before. Flower Garlands, Pom Stack Rosettes for All Classes, Top Level Judge for the Finale.

2020 Includes an Open Veteran, Young Handler and Concours D Elegance Special, which you may, when qualified in ANY OTHER CLASS, enter alongside the Ridden, In Hand or Working Hunter Class you qualify for, Please see the Card. Note the Extra Classes will be £12.00 per class.

Enter as soon as you get your Ticket with your £12.00 Class Fee, Note the The Main Class splits will be –

Horses (for non m & m) Exceeding 14.2hh

Ponies (non m & m unless plaited) NOT Exceeding 14.2hh

M & M for M & M`s, with the exception of Lead Rein/ First Riddens which are Mixed type Classes.

Pony is to use Pony Classes and be under 14.2hh, Horse to use Horse Classes and Exceed 14.2hh and M & M to Use M & M classes.

The equine may only qualify for one class per section (ie a M & M CANNOT go in pony and a LR/FR cannot go in a non LR/ FR classes and Vice Versa).

No Change of Rider for Finale in the event of a pony being sold for example.

If a rider qualifies a Pony and an M & M for the Section championship, they may only bring 1 forward for that championship. In Hand if more than one pony qualified, you may designate a extra handler as its the pony being judged.

Yellow Back Numbers are Issued for Finale Classes Only and a time table will be issued prior to September, with the class timings for the golden ring as it is ran alongside a NORMAL Schedule Show.

The Golden Ticket Champion Of Champions Finale on Sunday 20th September 2020

These Classes are Open to Pre Qualified and Pre Entered Exhibits Only, Golden Tickets are awarded throughout the year to All Champion and Reserve Champions, Including The Native Pony Bonanza.

You have 1 Calendar Month to Enter your golden ticket class from the date of qualification. You can ONLY QUALIFY one horse or pony per class, with the Exception of In Hand where a extra handler may be added, and you enter the section most suitable for your horse or pony, but they may ONLY do the one, ie, if your m and m you do m & m and NOT pony. It MUST be the same combination or Rider and horse or pony, that rides in the final.

If you have already qualified for that section, please inform the judge and pass your card back as we will pass this down as a wild card to the next placed person in the championship.

Beautiful Cone Stacker Rosettes to ALL finalists , Sashes to EACH Class winner, Garlands to Section Champions & Reserves This Section of the Show is Judged by a Judge that will not Have Judged at ANY Notts Derby Event through the year. Note – Qualification One Class Per Section Per Horse or Pony –

Except SC11, SC12, SC13

******* which Can Be entered in addition if you have Qualified for ANY other Gold Class.*******

Golden Ticket Supreme In Hand Championship 1st & 2nd from SC7 – SC12

Golden Ticket Supreme Ridden Championship 1st & 2nd from SC1 – SC6 & SC13

Golden Ticket Supreme Working Hunter Championship 1st & 2nd from SC14 – SC19

Golden Ticket Supreme of Show

With £150 for Overall Supreme Champion £75 for Overall Reserve Supreme Champion