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Notts Derby Horse Show

Something For Everyone... For All Ages & Abilities



Notts Derby Horse Show Indoor Winter Season Show Series 2022/2023

Includes In Hand, Ridden, Novelty & Working Horse/Pony Style Classes

Held at Canaan Farm Equestrian Loughborough Road, Costock, Loughborough, LE12 6XB

To Enter or to Join email – use

Email [email protected]

Text 07854317335 or Private Message Emma via Facebook

Passport & Annual Flu Jabs Required– In The Case of Foals to have Started the Course.

Full Rules and Regulations will be shown on the Web Page – Respect The venue and Facilities.

Pre Booking Advised as Have a Maximum Parking Capacity – Day Entries from NON Pre Booked Combinations are NOT Guaranteed.

All Classes Indoor – Class Fees

£10 Per Class or 4 Classes (same combination) for £40 for Members Only Pre Booked Via Entry Master or £15 Classes for Extra Classes on the Day booking where possible, Novelty CC1/MA1/F1 £8 Members (£10 Non Members)

Pre Booked Non Members £15 per Class or £20 On The Day where possible.


Membership £25 Per Person Includes 2 Horses or Ponies £10 Additional Card.

Show Dates

Sunday 2nd October 2022

Sunday 23rd October 2022

Halloween Themed Includes Fancy Dress Class

Sunday 6th November 2022

Sunday 27th November 2022

Sunday 4th December 2022

Pre Christmas Jingle Includes Fancy Dress Class

Sunday 11th December 2022

Festive Special Includes Fancy Dress Class

Sunday 8th January 2023

Happy New Year Show

Sunday 22nd January 2023

Sunday 12th February 2023

Valentines Special

Sunday March 5th 2023

Sunday March 26th 2023

Early Easter Special

In Hand Not Before Times Shown – Where Not Shown Will Follow On.

Class 1 - 8.30am– Mixed Youngstock In Hand – to be Split as we deem needed by Height or Breed depending on Entries. 1,2,3 year olds Plus Weaned Foals Not Under 4 Months of Age. Ages as of 1st January ( ALL Youngstock accrue a year of age on Jan 1st regardless of birth date, means some 3 year olds that start in this series will turn 4 on Jan 1st 2023, meaning they will become Ineligible for this Class. (Award to Best Yearling, 2 year old & 3 year old).

Class 2 - 8.45– Miniature Horse In Hand – Not Exceeding 42” to be Shown Trimmed Up as Per Miniature Rules – Note Shetlands NOT Clipped out are to use the Small M & M Class.

Class 3 - 9am Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds In Hand – Any Age – Welsh A, B, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Miniature Shetland - Best of Breed Awards for Each Breed.

Class 4 - 9.15am– Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds In Hand – Any Age – Welsh C,D, Fell, Dales, Highland, N Forest, Connemara Best of Breed Awards for Each Breed.

Class 5 - 9.30am In Hand Other Type – Arabs, Friesian, Spotted, Miniature Horses, Heavy Horses, Shires, Clyesdales, Haflinger, American Breeds Etc No UK M & Ms.

Class 6 - 9.45am In Hand Coloured – Piebald, Skewbald, Spotted, Roan, Palomino, Cremello, Dun, Diluted Broken Colour – May Be Split on final placings if entries warrant.

Class 7 - 10am In Hand Veteran Horse/ Pony Aged 15yrs + - Award to Oldest Veteran.

Class 8 - 10.15am Young Handler 16yrs & Under, Mare or Gelding of Suitable Size and Temperament, Hard Hats, Gloves to be worn, Award to Youngest Handler in the class.

Class 9 - 10.30am Open to All Type of Pony In Hand Not Exceeding 14.2hh All Ages & Types Including Mountain & Moorland.

Class 10 - 10.45 am Plaited Types Horses & Ponies – Any Age, Any Height – Award to Best Show Pony/Show Hunter Pony /Hack/ Hunter

Class 11 - 11am Cob Types Shown Hogged or Hairy – Any Age Any Height – Split on Placings Hogged & Hairy if entries Warrant.

Class 12 - 11.15 Open to All Type of Horse In Hand to Exceed 14.2hh. No M & Ms.

In Hand Championship 1st and 2nd Places from Classes 1 - 12 Eligible to Come Forward – Includes Hardest Trying Adult, Hardest Trying Junior (Under 16) Most Promising Future Star.

Novelty Classes £10 Per Class Non Members £8 Members – Walk Only Must Include / Incorporate a British Standard Riding Hat When Mounted.

Class CC1 – Concours D Elegance In Hand – Any Age Any Height – Judged On Presentation and Costume.

Class MA1 – Most Appealing Horse or Pony –Any Age Any Height In Hand or Ridden – Judged by a Guest Judge.

***Class F1 – Themed Fancy Dress on DATES SHOWN ONLY In Date List***

Novice & Beginners Showing 12 Noon

(Note we have a Green Class num 26 in the afternoon classes – Please respect the aim of the Novice Classes)

Class 13 – Ridden Young Novice Horse or Pony to be Aged 4 or 5yrs – Snaffle Bridles Only, No Spurs, Walk Trot Only, No Winning Limits, Includes Lead Rein Exhibits – (May Be Split into MM and Non MM or Horse and Pony AS Entries Warrant).

Class 14 – Ridden Restricted Novice Horse or Pony of Any Age 4 & Over – Not to Have won more than 2 1sts or a Champion or Reserve under saddle Ever. Snaffle Bridles, No Spurs, Walk Trot Only. Includes Lead Rein Exhibits – (May Be Split into MM and Non MM or Horse and Pony AS Entries Warrant).

Class 15 – Beginners/ Novice Rider Showing on a Horse or Pony Any Age 4 & Over - Snaffle Bridles, No Spurs, Walk Trot Only to be in first 3 Years of showing, aimed at the New to Showing, have a Go Competitor. May Be assisted or on Lead rein If under 10year In This class and Pony Not to Exceed 13.2hh (Note Regular lead rein age and height limits waived for this class ONLY).

Novice / Beginners Championship 1st and 2nd Places from Classes 13 – 15 Eligible Awards also to The Hardest Trying Adult/ Child and Most Promising New Combination.

Little People - Lead Rein & First Ridden Ridden Not Before 1pm

Class 16 – Lead Rein Ponies Not Exceeding 12.2hh Riders 9yrs & Under – Will Split into MM Non MM If entries warrant.

Class 17 – First Year First Ridden Pony Walk Trot only Ponies Not Exceeding 13.2hh Riders 10yrs & Under, Open to all types of Pony.

Class 18 – First Ridden Pony Canter In Individual Show Only - Ponies Not Exceeding 13.2hh Riders 12yrs & Under, Open to All Types of Pony.

Class 19 - Junior Best Rider Equitation Class Open to Lead Rein & First Ridden – Judged on Riding Ability for age Only.

Mini/ Junior Championship with Star Awards to All Coming forward – Open to 1st/2nd and 3rd Places in Classes 16 – 19 – Also Award to Youngest Rider, and Most Promising Future Star

Open Ridden Classes Not Before 2pm

Class 20 - Ridden Mountain & Moorland – Large and Small Includes Lead Rein – Best of Breed Awards – May Be Split on Placings Into Small and Large if Entries Warrant.

Class 21 - Ridden Coloured – Piebald, Skewbald, Spotted, Roan , Palomino, Cremello, Dun, Broken Coloured Dilutes – May Be Split on Placings if entries Warrant.

Class 22 - Ridden Non M & M Pony Plaited SP/SHP/Hairy etc– Not Exceeding 14.2hh No MM Breeds Includes Lead Rein competitors

Class 23 - Ridden Cobs – Hogged or Hairy Types – Split if Entries Warrant

Class 24 - Ridden Plaited Horse – Hunters/ Hacks/ Riding Horse Types Exceeding 14.2hh – Best of Type Awards for Hunter, Hack, Riding Horse

Class 25 - Ridden Veteran or Ridden Other Type (Arab or Foreign) – Split On Placings ran together for time – May Include Lead Rein ( 12.2 & Under 9yrs & Under)

Class 26 – Green Horse or Pony – No Canter In Go Round Expected to Attempt Canter in Individual – No Restrictions on Winnings But please use this class in the Spirit Intended – No Lead Rein competitors in this class

Class 27 – Ridden Concours D Elegance – Walk Trot Only Includes Lead Rein, Strapped Hats Preferred – Disclaimer to be signed by over 18s for Unstrapped hats. Maybe In Costume or Classical Evening Attire – May Split as entries Warrant.

Open Ridden Championship 1st and 2nd Places from Classes 20 –27

Working Horses & Ponies & Equitation – Classes 29 - 30 - Entries Limited to 8 Per Class Not Before 4pm Unless VERY Low Ridden Entries– Sash To Class Winners – No Chapionship as Could Be Late.

Class 28 – Equitation / Best Rider – Judged Purely on Riding Ability Only No Lead Rein No Go Round but Individual Show Required at Walk , Trot and Canter Incorporating a 3 Looped Serpentine at Trot.

Class 29 – Working Horse or Pony 50cm – A Course of 5 Jumps and A show Piece, Marked and Presented as a Working Hunter – But will be a Mixture of Coloured and Rustic Fence – Show Piece Immediately following jumps – Placing Announced After Class.

Class 30 – Working Horse or Pony 60cm – A Course of 5 Jumps and A show Piece, Marked and Presented as a Working Hunter – But will be a Mixture of Coloured and Rustic Fence – Show Piece Immediately following jumps – Placing Announced After Class.

Class 31 – Working Horse or Pony 70cm – A Course of 5 Jumps and A show Piece, Marked and Presented as a Working Hunter – But will be a Mixture of Coloured and Rustic Fence – Show Piece Immediately following jumps – Placing Announced After Class

Benefits of Membership

- Discounted Entry Fees

- End or Series Awards with a possible Presentation – Minimum 4 Shows as a combination required.

- Priority Booking - Opens to Members a Day Earlier

- Members Awards where advertised

- £25 Per Member Includes 2 Horses and Ponies

- Collect and Fill in own awards and points, so no errors.

- Limited to 50 New Members per season

- 50% discount for 2021/2022 winners

Memberships and Entries all Available through

Or you may email and paypal [email protected] Bank Transfer is also available please request the sort code and account number, unless you already have it

Booked Judges 2022/2023

Note in the Event of Illness we reserve right to amend Judges . Also Judges for classes 28-31 May Vary and not be same as classes 1 – 27, Fancy Dress and Novelty May be judged by a guest judge.

Sunday 2nd October 2022 – Elizabeth Willetts

Sunday 23rd October 2022 – Emma Haslam O Toole

Sunday 6th November 2022 – Nigel Vale

Sunday 27th November 2022 – Abigail Staff

Sunday 4th December 2022 – Steven Follows

Sunday 11th December 2022 – Poppy Fisher

Sunday 8th January 2023 - Antonia List

Sunday 22nd January 2023 – Elizabeth Willets

Sunday 12th February 2023 – Nigel Vale

Sunday March 5th 2023 – Amanda Stott

Sunday March 26th 2023 - Wilma Sprung